Celebrating 10 Years of Excellence 2005-2015

Founding Director’s statement

It is with humility and gratitude that De Kock Attorneys (DKA) can celebrate this milestone of 10 years in business.  As with all businesses, DKA has had its ups and downs through the years, but fortunately, more ups!  Each year the firm grows stronger and wiser, learning from experiences.

DKA started with passion for serving clients and providing excellent and expert IP services.  Our daily aim was, and remains, to have “happy” clients.  In our experience, happy clients are informed clients, receiving expected high quality services at fixed cost agreed upon upfront.  Further in our experience, regular, personal, honest, and direct contact with clients has helped to build and maintain strong and trusting ongoing relationships with clients.  We aim for long and good working relationships with all our clients. We also aim to continue caring for our clients’ needs and their business interests, regardless of the effort.  This approach distinguishes DKA from many other firms.

Through the years, DKA was fortunate to employ over 12 full-time staff and other students and casual workers.  Through the years, DKA has also provided many complimentary consultations; presentations; published articles; education through our website and other platforms; and advice, especially to start-up businesses and SMEs.  DKA has a heart for individual entrepreneurs and start-up businesses.  We are also rewarded when our clients’ businesses grow.  Over the years, DKA has assisted various charities and allowed discounts for worthy projects relating (related) to just and worthy causes.  We view DKA as   a business that contributes to our country’s economy, which is something we can all be proud of.  DKA is clearly making a difference.

To help position itself against its competitors, and also considering its target market, DKA has always strived to be accessible to clients at all levels, aiming for affordability and quality.

Despite being a smaller boutique firm, DKA has always committed itself to working faster and better than some related firm structures. This we do without compromising quality; we are in fact aiming for higher quality and better turnaround times.

DKA has always strived to make employees and members of the firm feel valued by offering mentorship, supporting studies and other opportunities  to encourage  growth on all levels.  DKA fosters and promotes a corporate culture of teamwork and support.  Through the years, DKA members have been characterised as being hardworking, committed professionals  who will never hesitate to go the extra mile; adhere to deadlines and commitments; give excellent service to clients; and assist colleagues.

On a professional front, DKA has built a good reputation as an expert IP firm and has also assisted with high profile cases such as the ORANGE case which is reported in Webster & Page,  the latter being the main authority on Trade Mark Law in South Africa. Another matter which received great media attention was the ‘David and Goliath’ case between Google and Doogle, in which case we presented Doogle.

We are very excited about what the firm can accomplish in the future.  It is our hope for DKA that the characteristics of our team and the good values on which the firm were built, will continue and remain our focus.  We appreciate sharing this milestone with all our clients and hope they feel proud to be part of what DKA has accomplished over the past 10 years.

Yours faithfully

Emmie de Kock
Founding Partner
1 February 2015

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